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TradeYourWay provides training courses on Trading for beginners and advanced traders.

In today’s world, technological developments are fast-paced and constant. Because of these developments anyone can trade the markets from anywhere. All that is needed is an internet connection and a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. But is this really all you need to get positive results from Trading?

Trading is done on a system and needs to follow a method to reach the possibility of making profits and minimising losses. This is where TradeYourWay comes in. By signing up to TradeYourWay courses you will receive the knowledge and know-how needed to begin or continue on your Trading journey.

Our vision is to give participants all the tools they need to become traders or better traders.

Participants who are just starting out will receive the knowledge and support from us, to systematically and methodically take on the role of a trader. Course participants who are already practicing traders can follow more specific subject courses and become better.

TradeYourWay’s vision is made possible because of the people behind it. Our experienced team is committed to continuously working hard to deliver high-quality training courses while providing support to course participants to ensure the course goals are met.

We base our strengths on our long-term plans and our solid vision. These strengths enable us to build a relationship of trust with our students and for us to constantly offer high-quality courses in the field of Trading.

  • Trainers with experience
    of more than 10 years
  • Post-training
  • Online
  • Hands-on

Who we Are

Adonis Kofinakos

General Manager at TradeYourWay.

He started his career in 2001 in the Dealing Room of Citibank and since 2009, he has provided his services as an investment adviser to a number of brokerage firms. As an active Trader since 2013, he specialises in putting the Elliot Wave Analysis technique into practice and in using Price Structure and the Momentum Trading technique in his trading. Over the years he has gained extensive experience and knowledge through his continuous interaction with the Greek stock market and international markets. Apart from being an active Trader, he also provides targeted training in the role of a Trading Coach. His coaching sessions are built around his expertise, experience and the trading techniques he has implemented himself during his many years in the field. Many of the participants of his coaching sessions are now professional traders. He is a Certified Investment Advisor and has a B.Sc degree in Economics from the Manchester Metropolitan University and an MBA degree from IUKB. He is also a holder of the Chartered Shipbroker diploma from ICS.

Petros Zisiou

Petros Zisiou is the Director at TradeYourWay.

He is also a Trading Coach and a Self-employed Trader. His previous experience as an Architect on design, construction and in the architectural trade field have helped him develop his skills as an independent Trader. He finds motivation and creativity in teaching Trading, as well as Coaching and Mentoring people who want to become Traders.

Demetris Basioukas

Demetris Basioukas is currently studying Accounting and Finance at The University of Macedonia.

After a five-year career in sales, he decided to enter into the world of investment and finance and started to practice as a trader in 2016. Wanting to further expose himself to the way in which the markets work, he became trained in how to read and use technical analysis. He analyses the markets in a variety of ways as he uses Candlestick patterns, Moving Averages, and Technical Indicators as his main tools. His specialty lies in the Elliot Waves analysis technique which, in combination with other techniques, can prove to be very useful in trading. He also uses the basis of his accounting and financial education to build a top-down, long-term view of the markets, while also putting the Macroeconomic Theory into practice.
Maria Kramar

Maria Kramar is the Office Assistant at TradeYourWay.

She has seven years of experience working at a Financial Consulting Company. Her main tasks are budget management, business payroll and data entry. In general, she provides full secretarial support to the office. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management and she is certified from the Swiss Apline Center.

Krypas Thomas

A Developer and Marketing Manager who has experience in designing marketing strategies and digital marketing

Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Occupational Psychology and NLP. With extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing all digital marketing activities – including SEO/ SEM, marketing databases and online campaigns, social media and advertising – Thomas continues to contribute to the growth of companies of all sizes, in a number of industries.

Iphigenia Antonakou

Iphigenia Antonakou is the Office Assistant of Trade Your Way. She has studied Business Management and Marketing and has three years of experience in the field of Finance.

She has fundamental knowledge of Technical Analysis and she is expert at the use and operation of the MT4 Trading platform. Her main tasks are the organization and running of the daily administrative operations of the company such as, back-office data entry, sorting and distributing the communications in a timely manner, monitoring and organizing office supplies and in general the full secretarial support of the office. She is fascinated by the way that Financial Markets operate and interact and she wants to be actively involved in this field.

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