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Welcome to the Website www.tradeyourway.gr (hereafter Website). The Website, belongs to the Company TRADEYOURWAY SINGLEMEMBER PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY, located at Theofanous Str. 12, P.C. 11523, Ampelokipoi, Athens Greece (hereafter Company), tax payer identification number (TIN)801261261, under General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) number 152952201000, Tel. Contact +30 210 6456330, E-mail: info@tradeyourway.gr This Website’s content is provided only for informational and educational purposes.

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The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred to the user or third party by the user’s misconduct, provided the Company fulfills its own obligations. The Company makes any possible effort so that the information provided to this website by the Company itself is accurate and true but does not bear any responsibility for any inaccurate content.

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Our Company is solely liable for any information provided on this website by the Company itself, provided it is required and able – pursuant to the provisions of law – to know whether such information is accurate and lawful, without prejudice to any printing errors or minor similar omissions. The Company profoundly checks the information it provides to users of this website. According to the provision of applicable law related with issues of liability on part of providers of services of information society, our Company is exempted from any liability as to any content posted in this website by third parties.

Our Company shall not be liable for any temporary or permanent failure to provide its services by reasons beyond its control, such as, force majeure, severe weather phenomena, natural disasters, states of emergency, strikes, fire, the counterparty’s or third party’s illegal interventions, malfunction of the Host Provider or ISP or Access Provider or the user’s terminal equipment, for incorrect provision of information on the user’s part and, generally, for any incident that obstruct the Company to provide its services.

Our Company declares that it profoundly checks the security level of the services it provides electronically, using programs against viruses and malicious software. During the browsing process of this website, users are recommended to use software for protection against computer viruses, such as, Trojan horses, time bombs etc. Our Company shall not be liable for any damages to the user’s hardware, software and data, as well as for any other damage incurred to users or third parties by the aforementioned risks.

The Company checks all information that it provides to its users, as required by law. However, we cannot exclude human errors, malfunction of the company’s network or computer systems that may affect proper provision of information to users about our services. We advise users of the Website, in the event that they notice any wrong information, to contact the Company at Tel. no: +30 210 6456330 / e-mail: info@tradeyourway.gr, so that such errors can be immediately corrected.

Our Company shall not be liable for the content of websites to which our users are referred to by hyperlinks, frames etc. legally inserted in this website. Our Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred to users by their visiting such websites, as well as for any damage caused by risks appearing in online systems of entities advertised in this Website etc., even if users are referred to said websites by hyperlinks, banners etc. Liability for the content, information, users’ safety and protection of their personal data, and the quality of services provided is born solely by owners, managers and beneficiaries of said websites, which users visit at their own risk.

In case of controversy or claim of any nature regarding this Website or any disputes, the law that applies is the Greek law. Greek Courts, and particularly Athens Courts, have jurisdiction over the resolution of any disputes arising from this Website’s use or services.

The company is not liable for any damages to the visitor /user or third party from malfunction of the Website caused by force majeure, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, fire, illegal interventions of the user/visitor or a third party, malfunction of host provider or Internet service provider or access provider or the user's/visitors’ terminal equipment or our associates’ systems.

The Company is neither able nor obliged to check the validity, accuracy and soundness of information, personal or no personal data provided by users to the Website. The Company reserves the right to immediately remove any information posted by a user, which breaches the Terms herein. The Company shall make no correction or intervention to data and information provided in any way to the Company by users, with no prior notice, except in the event of minor errors (printing errors etc). When posting any information in the Website, users must respect the Terms herein, not to breach the law, not to post ads and hyperlinks. Users are not allowed to post material and information, publication of which is against the law or it breaches third parties’ rights or third parties’ copyright or it constitutes illegal personal data processing.


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Recording and direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of all works contained in this Website, by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, as well as making of copies, either permanent or temporary are not allowed. Under the applicable law, this Website’s content is protected from violation of Industrial Property, which belongs to the Company, without prejudice to the rights of other holders-agents. Appearance of the aforementioned works in this Website does not mean any case whatsoever transfer or assignment of permission or right to use the same.


Our Website may include ads of any form, such as banners, text links and frames. The Company respects the provisions of applicable law, and we act with professionalism, following the codes of conduct which bind our business, having as our motivation users’ full service through high technology services in a friendly and manageable environment. Having high standards of professional integrity, we abstain from misleading commercial practices.

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