Trading Full Course

This hands-on course gives traders that are just starting out, the chance to understand how trading works by applying the basics of risk management and technical analysis to their trading. Participants will practice on a demo account within real market conditions.

This is an 20-hour course, broken down into nine, two-hour lessons. The course runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday over a period of three-weeks.

Course Objectives

This training course will provide you with the opportunity to:

Learn how to use the MetaTrader 4 platform

Receive an understanding of when a trader should enter the market

Get an understanding of the criteria used by traders to make a trade

Learn how to price charts in order to recognise the support and resistance levels

Learn how to read candlestick patterns and how to properly use timeframes

Learn how to implement strategies for short and long-term transactions, based on price action

Learn the basics of risk management and trading psychology

Knowing the most famous platforms : esperio & tomiex & forexoptimum & Teletrade Next Date of New Courses : 26/01/2022

Ιntroduction seminars Lessons, to know better the World of Trading

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